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Bumping Into Love

I just came across this guy’s blog which I liked:

a new life emerging
Jesus didn’t come to give us an intellectual belief…
For those who claim to be “Christian”– followers of The Way–
the way is Love, God’s very nature, embodied in Jesus.

Christianity isn’t a “belief system”; it’s a way.
Jesus came to show the way;
to be the way– and his way was Love.
to be the truth–and his truth was Love.
And to be the life– and his life was Love.

And if we truly want to know God,
then we too must walk in the way of his Love.
We too must walk in the truth of his Love.
We too must walk in life of his Love.

If somewhere along your journey you have managed to bump into Jesus,
then you have bumped into God– you have bumped into Love; better yet,
Love has bumped into you.

“And this is how you will know– by the way you love one another.”


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My journey

I want to share more about my life in this blog. I still haven’t really gotten into the blogging thing fully. Initially I thought I would use it just to share some thoughts, ideas, poetry, etc. about spirituality and religion, which has been a pretty significant part of my journey lately. Especially since a few friends at my church also have blogs, it seemed a very safe place to post my abstract ideas without getting into the messy reality of my own life. I have come to the realization that it’s really hard for me to share my life journey with others, that a part of me (i.e. ego) is always putting up walls.

About half a year ago I decided to explore new career possibilities. I have been a software developer/consultant for about the last seven years. I really enjoy the problem solving and the creativity involved in developing software apps. At the same time, I don’t enjoy the isolation of working with computers more than with humans, and I have become less and less interested in business, and even technology. At least technology as the center of our life. In a world ruled by modern economics where efficiency is God, progress is salvation, this is the direction that the world is headed in, the direction that is hard to escape if I’m in the business world.

At the same time that I’ve become less interested in business and technology, I have serious questions about giving my time, mind, focus to the goals of business and “progress”. What does God want me to do with my life? In what role will I use my full potential, so I don’t waste the gift that God gave me? I know the possibilities are endless, it is only a matter of God showing the way. I have the privilege at this point in my life of not needing to make much money as I don’t have anyone to support but myself.  I also know that that a lot of necessity is imagined. We always have many more choices than we think we have. In America, many people have a lot of necessities because they feel they always need to follow what their neighbor is doing.

I look forward to sharing more about my journey in the days ahead.

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Something I wrote… I guess it’s a poem of sorts

The kingdom of heaven doesn’t arrive with great fanfare, its coming isn’t greeted by camera crews. Instead it drifts in out of the blue, like autumn leafs swirling, arriving from nowhere.

The kingdom of heaven doesn’t advance through expensive ad campaigns, but instead it’s announced by the laughter of children and the smiles of the meek.

The kingdom of heaven doesn’t spread furiously like a wildfire, but instead it sprouts like humble blades of grass on the field that was cleared by fire.

You can run in search for the kingdom of heaven, but you’ll be out of breath before you can catch it! When you’re least expecting to find it, it will be revealed to you by a stranger.

The kingdom of heaven won’t be conquered by force, even though it sometimes suffers violence. It eludes violent people, the willful and proud, and opens its doors to those who receive it simply and willingly.

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