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Human beings have become very reasonable.

We know the reasons that lightning precedes thunder, that spring follows winter,  that apples fall to the ground, and salmon swim upstream.

We give our children reasons for why they should obey us.  When something goes wrong, we ask God for a reason.

We go to therapy to look for reasons why we’re messed up, and we smash protons together understand the reason why the universe exists.

When we get to work late, or miss a deadline, we don’t give excuses, we give reasons. We have good reasons for everything.

But God is completely the opposite.

He gives us blessings for no reason, and he allows sickness and disaster without reason.

A field of wildflowers explodes with beauty when nobody is there to witness it.  No good reason.

The spirit of God comes without a reason, and God doesn’t ask us for our reasons but only for obedience.

Is it any wonder that when God tries to talk to us, we don’t understand!


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