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Dave Schmelzer is blogging about messy faith, as well as our own messes in life.  It all sounds well, pretty messy, but it also reminds me that life is an adventure.  How boring would life be if we always knew exactly what God was speaking to us, if we had all the answers, and all the rules?  What would be the point of life if we never had any conflicts and never made any mistakes?

Something else I learned… a related topic that was discussed at the Center City Summit I recently attended: “centered set” faith.  This means that even if we don’t have all the answers, even if we aren’t sure about our beliefs,  even if we don’t share the same culture, we can still belong together in a community where Jesus is at the center, and we’re moving towards him.   Jesus often said “follow me”, and he said this often to people who surely didn’t have all the answers, or shared the same beliefs.


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