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I was thinking about this topic.. and I came up with some ideas.

1. We have little faith. This is the obvious one. It’s the point Jesus drove home over and over again. “Why do you have so little faith?” Maybe this is not a rhetorical question and rather something we should ponder.

2. Our faith lacks childlike simplicity. Have you ever listened to a child praying? The prayers are beautiful and simple. This kind of prayer reveals a real trust in God. A lot of knowledge, theology, and experience only hinders faith. Remember, it was to a religious leader that Jesus said “you must be born again”.

3. We don’t keep on asking. Prayer isn’t always immediately answered. God answers prayers the same way I reply to emails. Sometimes you get an a reply right away, other times you’ll get it months later! But Jesus made it clear that we should keep on asking, even if our prayer doesn’t get answered right away. We also can’t lose faith in the meantime. If we pray for a few days and then start indulging in negative thoughts and doubting that God wants to answer, do we really have faith? And while you’re praying you might want to consider fasting too.

4. We ask with wrong motives. Don’t you hate when you ask God for something and at the same time have an inkling it’s not the right thing to ask for? It’s our human nature to desire, and not everything we want is in our best interest or in God’s plan. I don’t think it’s wrong to ask, as God wants to hear what is on our heart, but we should also examine our hearts to find out if we asking with right motives.


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